Non-Contact Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt!

Download and print out a game card, print the weekly pages (added to site every Thursday), color or leave as is. Hang 1-2 pages (or more) on your door or in your street facing windows each day until 4/17. Take walks or drives around your neighborhood and see which neighbors are playing too! Cross off the images on your game card as you see pages hung by your neighbors! Let us know you’re playing (via email at we’ll post, on this page and Facebook, a list of neighborhoods and streets participating. Post pictures of your colored pages, your walks and your game card progress on the event page for everyone to share in the fun! There may even be prizes for those participating (woot, woot!) Watch our social media for updates too!

Experience fresh air, family exercise and brain stimulation during our community “shelter-in-place” COVID-19 battle.  



WEEK 1 coloring pages

WEEK 2 coloring pages

WEEK 3 coloring pages

XBOX One now has “GANG BEASTS” available!

The wait is over!!!

XBOX now has “GANG BEASTS” available for download.

This has been the most popular game in the trailer to date. It is a multiplayer, cartoon wrestling, video game to challenge your friends on different game maps and scenarios. Level Up Curbside Gaming now offers it on PlayStation and XBOX. This allows us to play it on six out of seven TV’s at one time. Book us today to get a tournament together and GANG up on your friends. #tournementplay #videogameparty #GangBeasts