Play Superbowl LVII for Yourself!

The Super Bowl will be played this Sunday for a battle between the Eagles and Kansas City. Come play it for yourself in the Level Up Curbside Gaming trailer or match up your favorite teams in your own way in Madden 23! #videogameparty #SuperBowl #reno #sparks #madden23 #madden

Xbox Series X Now Available!

The Xbox Series X is available for social and competitive gaming in the Level Up Curbside Gaming trailer! There are games for all ages such as Goat Simulator 3, Fortnite, Rocket League, Halo: Master Chief, and many more! #videogameparty #Reno #Sparks #xboxseriesx

New Minecraft Armor Features

Minecraft is a popular game in the trailer. Developers continue to update the game in new awesome ways. Last week they gave all fellow Minecrafters a new way to change their armor! While this hasn’t been released to the full game yet, you can expect the Level Up trailer to have the 1.20 Minecraft update available to play when it becomes available on console sometime later this year. #videogameparty #minecraft