Parking and Patrons at your party

Don’t have parking space for the game trailer? Don’t want 20-30 kids at your house? Try an alternative location for your event/party. Pizza parlor, park, church or community center. We can park at most of these locations. Need a recommendation? Gives us a call and we can assist with all your planning!

Alt Park

Easy Winter Birthday Party

Winter party? Rain or Snow. We are climate controlled. Save $50 off a 2 hour party.


We come to you. We setup. We clean up. Up to 20 can play inside on a stormy day. Save $50 off a 2 hour party booked for any time next year until 2/29/2016. If the streets are safe to travel, we’ll be there. Promo code “EASY15″. May not be combined with other offers. Not valid for “Non-profit” events.